Counseling Services

Our therapists do not see you as simply a “diagnosis”. They see you as a unique individual with rich complexity. Each therapist seeks to help you determine your own plan and goals in a client-centered relationship.

Our therapists engage in the therapeutic process with eager, curious, empathetic listening. Their attitude is, “Help me understand you better.”

The Center is a non-profit organization. When health insurance is not an option, the Center offers counseling services on a reduced fee scale based on household income. No one is denied counseling because of financial restraints.

We are here to help you.

  • Has life become “blah” and uninteresting? Do you have a hard time making yourself do things?
  • Are you consumed with worries and frustrations that seem out of proportion?
  • Is there always friction with your partner over every little thing? Is it taking its toll on your relationship?
  • Is grief continuing to overwhelm you?

Community Counseling Center offers professional psychotherapy for a wide variety of concerns, including the following:

life change adjustments
addiction issues
preparing for marriage
anger management
tension and stress
parenting support
adjustment to divorce
chronic illness
life purpose questions
sexuality issues
self-defeating and destructive patterns
relationship difficulties






Your situation is unique and you may not see your concern on this list.  We’re eager to hear from you and get to know your situation.

We are here to help YOU. Call us at 910-452-7370 to schedule a time to talk.

People come to counseling because they want something to change. Jonathan shares his thoughts here.