What would our community look like without the Community Counseling Center?

Our clients say it best.

“I don’t know what I would have done without the Center. My minister suggested I go there when my husband left me.

I had no money, no insurance, and no idea how I was going to make it day-to-day. Thankfully, the Center worked out a payment plan that made counseling possible for me. Today, I am happy, confident, and excited about my future!”


The need for counseling and mental health care is growing. Resources to address this need are inadequate.

People frequently feel stress, depression, or have problems with their emotions.

14% of adults in Duplin County
12% of adults in New Hanover and Brunswick Counties

If they would like to work with a counselor, lack of insurance creates a financial barrier for many.

15% in New Hanover County uninsured
17% in Brunswick County uninsured
23% in Duplin County uninsured

Even with insurance, the premium and co-pay may strain the household budget, especially for those living below the poverty line.

17.7% in New Hanover County
16.3% in Brunswick County
26.7% in Duplin County

Your donation restores mental and emotional wellness for every member of our community!