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What would our community look like without the Community Counseling Center?

Our clients say it best.

“I don’t know what I would have done without the Center. My minister suggested I go there when my husband left me.

I had no money, no insurance, and no idea how I was going to make it day-to-day. Thankfully, the Center worked out a payment plan that made counseling possible for me. Today, I am happy, confident, and excited about my future!”

Giving Levels*

$1000 – A family living with the effects of substance abuse, who doesn’t have insurance, receives ten sessions on our sliding scale fee program.

$500 – A women whose husband died after a long illness can find ways to move through grief. She lost her insurance when he died. Our sliding scale fee program supports her through five sessions.

$250 – He lost his job and simply didn’t try to find a new one until beginning therapy at the Center. Now he’s getting ready for his first interview, thanks to receiving six sessions on our sliding scale fee program.

$100 – What do they need to know before they get married? With pre-marital counseling, a young couple will be better prepared to have a long, happy marriage.

$20 – Help someone take the first step toward mental health and wellness by underwriting one counseling session.

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Mail a check to the Community Counseling Center, 4810 Wrightsville Ave, Wilmington, NC, 28403

Call 910-452-7370 with your credit card information.


Your donation restores mental and emotional wellness for every member of our community!

* These giving scenarios illustrate how your gift will be utilized and are not actual clients.